Hi I am Donna Ferguson and I have also faced the same blockages that you are facing now. I founded Rainbows Empowering Women because of you!  My events are for women aged anywhere between 13-113.

I was confused between trying to live the “traditional life” and following my passion and living a life of complete emotional freedom.

After attending many events and looking for someone to show me the steps to bring my dream into reality, I realized that it was not what I was learning but how I was learning,  how the information was being delivered.  And it was up to me if I wanted to be.

I wanted something that was simplified and would enable me to follow a step by step guide myself in order to find my purpose and my emotional freedom.  I had been to many motivational events, networking groups with like minded people and spent a lot of money when people were only delivering the information about mindset and not really connecting to me.  All this time I was spending lots and lots of money, a lot of time and energy, when there was nothing or very little connecting within me. Yes I was motivated for 2 days after the events but then it all seems to disappear just like the support promised at the events.

I made a decision that I would never be confused with putting my dreams and purpose into real life and bringing them into fruition.  Nor would I waste time and energy on things that no longer served me, or money that I could utilise more efficiently into my own passion and purpose in life.  With that comes the beginning of emotional freedom. It also starts the journey of standing in your absolute TRUTH.

Understanding where you have come from, having walked in your shoes, I know you deserve to be Empowered to become completely emotionally free…. not for a second, nor just a minute or an hour, not even just for a day or a year, but, for the rest of your life! I also discovered that along the path to rebuilding my life, real support, I mean authentic support was a major missing link; and so….

I created Rainbows Empowering Women (REW) so I could support other women escape the mundane day to day life and create a lifestyle over and above what they dreamt was ever possible. You were born ordinary but that doesn’t mean you cannot be extraordinary.

You Won’t Believe.. How Quick And Easy It Can Be.. To Gain Control Of Your Life With My 7 Proven Step Solution….

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Here is a Sneak Preview of What the 7 steps include:

  • Discover what NEVER to tell yourself if you want emotionally FREEDOM & live the life you deserve
  • Find out the single best way to Gain Control… of Not Only Your Life, but… the life of your family as well
  • Uncover the secrets to gaining your self confidence and self respect back
  • Unlock your Goals & Dreams and find the KEY to remove your Emotional Blockages so your bright new future will start today
  • How to create your very own success blueprint that keeps you on track

Having more choices and purpose in your life takes hard work and focus… right? WRONG… Follow my 7 Steps for a solution that works!!!

We have heard it all before… how easy it is only to find out that the promise of support was not really there and so it was true it was hard…. Well not any more… I will release the secrets to success for you!

But remember… Without action, nothing changes.

Simply fill out the form below and grab your 7 Steps to Freedom Today…

Dreams really do come true…