Hi I am Donna Ferguson and welcome to Rainbows Empowering Women

My life has not always been filled with love, joy, happiness and success.  I have faced adversity in my life and had to overcome the same emotional hurdles with a marriage filled with Domestic Violence.  I can still recall the day and the very moment that it all changed for me.

This experience gave me the courage to reach out to other women and offer support and direction for them too not only from survivors of Domestic Violence,  business women who find that the everyday pressures of life cause stress and feel like they are on a rollercoaster ride that simply won’t stop.

Rainbows Empowering Women hold events for women who are no longer feeling happy and hate what they see in the mirror when they take a look.  If you answer yes to any these questions below then you are not alone.

Are you constantly struggling to achieve work/life balance?

Do you feel you are sometimes in a constant state of stress and if something major were to happen you might snap?

Wish there was a way to fit it all in, the job you enjoy, the family you feel guilty about, the partner you seem to pass in the hallway every day?

Do you even know what happiness is anymore?

I’m pleased to let you know there are women I’ve worked with who were feeling all of the above and more and looking for answers.

Through Rapid Success Therapy Methods, the women who’ve worked with me have achieved

*Reconnection with themselves, their intuition, creating so much more for example

. A stronger relationship with their partner and their family members
. Engage in their daily life with clarity and direction
. Being more productive and therefore achieving better results
. A shift in mindset
. Understanding the right voice to listen to and how to put the others to rest
. And so much more…………

Rainbows Empowering Women offer a variety of programs. If you are looking to move forward and want to know more on how to, I offer a complimentary 30 consult to establish if and how we may able to work together. Connect with me, call me on 0403311157, email me on donna@rainbowsempoweringwomen.com .

VISION: Rainbows Empowering Women will give 100% dedication to women. We are relentless in making sure you cross the bridge step by step and watch you blossom into an even more beautiful woman than you already are, and open up your journey to life’s simplicity and joy.

MISSION: It is the mission of Rainbows Empowering Women to connect with women to help them become who they truly are.  Rainbows will empower all women to live the life you deserve.


Rainbows Empowering Women give back to a not for profit organisation Joining Hands founded by Kylie Lowe.  Joining Hands gives back to the homeless and vulnerable young people and we are proud to be associated with Kylie and Joining Hands.  http://joininghands.com.au. 

Rainbows Empowering Women also has a an affiliation with the Blue Wren Foundation an organisation that was founded by Adrian Hanks. This organisation educates men in the prevention of Domestic Violence. and we are proud to be associated with such a major group.  https://www.bluewrenfoundation.com

Remember Dreams Really Do Come True!!!

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