Creating the Blueprint to your Successes in Business

Rainbows Empowering Women offer corporate packages for women in business, business owners who wish to take women employees to another level and a tailored to suit your business requirements.  We believe that if you as a business owner or your employees, (who are your business), are experiencing a block in breaking through to the next level of success, then neither yourself nor your employees will be able to perform at their best. They will all become disheartened and show signs of giving up.  This is partly due to not knowing how to deal with the reasons for the blockages, or not having a true understanding of why they are not reaching their achievements.

Rainbows Empowering Women offer packages to accommodate you in both half day and full day events with specialised techniques and strategies.  As a Rapid Success therapist, I will help your women to unlock the key to their success and in turn they will repay you with your business’s success.

If you want or want the women in your business to break through this stage they are going through, then Rainbows Empowering Women are able to accommodate you in this area. Production will improve after a session with us and in turn so will your businesses productivity.  Key learnings from this will show your employees how they can tap into these strategies and remove all continue to achieve and accelerate their results and in turn your business’s results.

If you want to book an half or full day with Rainbows Empowering Women then the half day packages are available for just $147 per person and $247 per person for a full day.  We will accommodate your business needs wherever possible.

If you have any questions regarding the services we offer then please contact me on 0403311157.



Girls Empowering Girls

Rainbows Empowering Women offer short information evenings at your school to help young women aged between 13 and 18 years old in finding their strengths.  As there is already so much pressure on these young ladies, what with life, hormones running all over the place, pier pressure and in some cases bullying, then Rainbows Empowering Women can help to develop some skills to help them move through this stage of their lives.  The young women of today are our future leaders and they have so much pressure on them already, what with trying to please everyone, that they forget how important it is to love themselves and be their truthful selves.  Self-respect is such an important part of their journey in order to gain respect from others. We have a short 1.5 hour introduction evenings to our Empowering Girls program on offer for schools around Brisbane.  This assists the young women of today to make choices in life that will guide them to a fulfilling life of purpose and meaning.

If you would like more details or want to book an information night to help our young women develop their skills then please contact us on 0403 311 157.


Keynote Speaking


Presenting at The Hills Chamber of Commerce Breakfast February 2017

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