Unleash The Goddess Within

If you are feeling sick and tired of the mundane day to day living and want to answers and clarity on where you want your life to be then Rainbows Empowering Women will help you to create that outcome with transformations during this 2 day event.  It’s so important to have a healthier mind, body and soul so that you can achieve and move forward with all your aspirations.  If you are looking for YOUR TRUTH then you have already taken action in your mind?  All that is left is to register for this event. This event will be unlike any other you have experienced before.  Using Rapid Success Therapy to successfully and speedily transform, you will not only feel major changes, you will look different as well.  Rainbows Empowering Women will show you how to create Your Truth and bring your vision for life or business to the surface and the forefront of your mind. You can go from zero to 100 in just 2 short days.  With our guidance and with you opening up your mind, your life’s journey will now rewrite your future so you can live the lifestyle you choose to live.


TIME:  Registration 8.00am
Saturday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Sunday 9.00am – 4.30pm
COST: $247 per person