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Feeling Disconnected, Stressed and Alone – How to Change it all Information Night

Answer Yes to any of these questions then alarm bells are ringing louder than you think! Feel like life is failing you? Is your rollercoaster ride not letting you stop and breath? Want to blow away the negativity from your life? Are you constantly sabotaging yourself? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Find how you can turn all this and more around.

6th July, 2017
TIME: 18.00 pm registration, 18.30pm – 20.30pm
COST: $20 per person

Eventbrite - Feeling Exhausted and Alone? How to change all that at an Information Night

Conquer Work Stress in 3 Simple Steps

My Sound Technician Graham may be present at some of my events. 

Feeling tired and Stressed out?  Feel a helplessness overwhelming you? Feeling guilty for leaving your family while you go to work? Feeling like you have to be Superwoman?  If you answer yes to any one of these questions then you are in the right Place. How to overcome and conquer work stress in 3 simple steps. Register below to avoid disappointment with booking your seat.

Eventbrite - 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

29 July, 2017 – tickets go on sale 1st July, 2017
TIME: 9.00 am registration, 9.30am – 1.30pm
COST: $97 per person

Conquer Work Stress in 3 Simple Steps

My Sound Technician Graham may be present at some of my events. 

What if you could make decisions for your life with clarity, understanding and complete happiness? If you could take every decision knowing it was 100% congruent with who you truly are? Would you take action to remove all the things that currently stop you or limit your success?  Find clarity, find your voice, find YOU and be who you are truly are. Find your inner child to tap into and remind yourself that life can be and is amazing.  Finding emotional freedom with these great and yet strategies to remove any limitations you currently are experiencing.  You are 1 simple click away from becoming awesome every day.

12 August, 2017 tickets go on sale 29th July, 2017
TIME: 9.00 am registration, 9.30am – 1.30pm
COST: $97 per person

Eventbrite - 7 Steps to Emotional Freedom

Gold Coast – Coming soon

My Sound Technician Graham may be present at some of my events. 

Conquer Work Stress in 3 Simple Steps

If you had a choice of being chained to your current life or breaking through and living the life you always dreamed of what would you choose? Imagine having total freedom to make the choices you’ve only dreamed of having before. Unlock your inner child, feel your child like playfulness appearing back into your life.  Find out how you can face, deeply understand and unlock those limitations in an intimate and safe environment and really make a difference to your life.  Let your story unfold reconnect to your inner child and take back your life right before your very eyes.  Re-capture the scenes of a child’s fearless and full potential and passion. Start today and take action. Simply click to register your seat as seats are limited.

TIME: 8.30 am registration, 9.00am – 5.00pm
COST: $147 per person

2 Day Event

Unleash the Goddess Within 

If you are feeling sick and tired of the old mundane day to day living and want to follow your dreams then Rainbows Empowering Women will help you to create a healthier mind, body and soul so that you can.  Are you looking for YOUR TRUTH?  This is the event for you. It is unlike any other you have been to before and will not waste your time and money with the same old same old.  We will show you how to create Your Truth and bring your dream to the surface. You can go from zero to 100 in just 2 short days with our guide to opening up your mind with our journey back to rewind and then rewrite your future so you can live the lifestyle you have always wanted.


TIME:  Registration 8.00am
Saturday 8.30am – 5.00pm
Sunday 9.00am – 4.30pm
COST: $247 per person

3 Day Events

Your Power Within – Creating Vision & Purpose

This is the 3 days where your life will transform forever. What is your Power Within? Rainbows Empowering Women will show you to drill down into your heart, bare all with raw truth and find out where you really want your life to be. After attending our 2 other events, this will find your emotional and physical fears, your real passion, and what your motivation is that drives you to success. We will facilitate you in finding your TRUTH with calmness and open mindedness with creativity so you can start with your success already written. We’ll provide strategies and information that will really put the fire back in your belly so you can move forward with clarity, focus, passion and purpose. Writing up your blueprint and taking it from paper to reality with ease. We’ll provide the solutions to your questions about creating your very own vision. You will tap into your soul and become the person that has been hiding for so many years. It’s your time so REGISTER NOW. You have been waiting long enough and you deserve this.

Time: TBC
Date: TBC
  $497 per person


Coaching Program Outline

Strip down, remove the layers that are blocking and limiting you.  Metaphorically speaking, let us get down into your deepest thoughts and feelings to find out who you really are and why you are who you are.  What is your greatest passion and vision for your life.  What do you feel and how can you have the greatest experiences and freedom in your life.  Let’s help you create the purpose of YOUR life, your TRUTH.  Let’s find out what is really holding you back, remove your negative experiences which are holding you back, break through the limitations that you cannot yet see until we find your soul and look at your journey of life.  Learn how to control the ups and downs with calm and concise actions and look at that child again and what her dream was and then YOU can have your dream which you create. Find out how to connect with the right people and how to collaborate effectively to enhance your business and theirs.

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