Does Love Really Have to Hurt?

Domestic Violence - Break the Cycle

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  • Is a ‘black eye’ bruises, broken bones, physical and emotional torment a true expression of his love?

    Domestic Violence is a silent killer. One in 3 women, including teenage girls are killed from either a current, a past or an involvement in a relationship with domestic violence.

    Domestic Violence and Abuse affects YOUR life, and the lives of others long after you have left the environment.


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    A black eye, bruises, and abuse are not signs of love…

    Sorry it will never happen again…

    It’s your fault I hit you, if you had of done what I said…

    If only you weren’t so stupid…

    How many times have you heard this? OR you may know of someone that is living in a relationship like this?

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    Beating Domestic Violence

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    • What is domestic Violence and who is affected by it? It may not be you but it could be happening to someone you know?
    • Preparing yourself
    • Mentally getting yourself ready
    • Things to be mindful of when making your move
    • Safety Planning for you and your children
    • The Decision to leave
    • Where to Turn to for help once you leave
    • Protecting yourself once you leave
    • Shelters and Other Services
    • Healing the Mind and Soul
    • PLUS much more



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  • It is Time to Start Your New Life

    “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step” (Laozi)
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