Chris from North Brisbane says “Thank you Donna. On the morning of the event I had no idea what my truth was. Now there’s no stopping me. After trying various types of therapists and personal development programs this was the one to truly break through to the real me. It feels 100% right! I don’t remember ever feeling this invincible. The event for me was better than winning Olympic gold as I have now won my life back!”

CT from Mitchelton Brisbane says “OMG Donna! I can not believe how I am feeling after your event yesterday. This may well be a life changing time for me. I feel the most positive I have been in years. I am Courageous Chris! Thank you for giving me my life back.”

Christine from Gold Coast says “Donna, my first time at one of your Seminars, what a fantastic day. You were professional and passionate about what you’re doing to help others and it shows. I loved how the girls connected, supported and encouraged each other. It was wonderful to meet a group of lovely ladies. I’m so glad I came. Thank you for letting me be part of your day and thanks to your right hand man (Graham) what a gem.”

S from Brisbane says “I have learnt a lot about myself and my feelings. I am excited about my journey ahead because it going to be all about me.”

G From North Brisbane says “This is Phenominal Donna. I remember in 2011  you were talking about this burning desire you had for the emotionally abused and down trodden women. We all wondered how this would become a reality knowing it was such a worthy and meaningful cause. You have always impressed me as an action taker.  We are seriously so proud of you. You may not be aware of the impact you have had on those who move through your life so let me just say thank you for having the courage of your convictions. You are a world changer. We can’t wait to get a copy of your book. Well done on another milestone”.